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Wash Success

 Admin -  September 17, 2019

(1) Strengthening the Service Delivery Ecosystem-June-2019. (2) The Path from MDGs to the SDGs-June-2019.

Community Managed Arsenic Project (CMAP)

 Admin -  September 15, 2015

Community Managed Arsenic Project (CMAP) was a process oriented project and based on the community demand. Its activities and strategies were designed on a quarterly basis jointly by VDC/S leaders and PNGO representatives. Community leaders’ facilitated processes for identifying needs, drawing ...

Strengthening Health Care Service

 Admin -  September 13, 2015

In Rashahj an in-depth assessment was carried out of the former community clinic system, which the new government had declared to reactivate. Community Clinics (CC) are the grass-root level rural healthcare institutions of the government of Bangladesh. These clinics had been quite successful in ...

SDSD Project and its achievements

 Admin -  September 13, 2015

Sustainable Solutions for the Delivery of Safe Drinking Water (SDSD) is the SDC funded project for contributing equitable and sustainable access to the jointly managed water and sanitation services through improved local governance. The goal of the project has been partly achieved by improved ...

PHPR Project and its achievements

 Admin -  September 13,2015

The “Public Health Project Rajshahi; (PHPR)” implemented by DASCOH has the extended its project area in the second project phase. The project aims at improving the capacity of UPs to deliver and manage water and sanitation services in interaction with the community. They support the ...