Strengthening Health Care Services

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In Rashahj an in-depth assessment was carried out of the former community clinic system, which the new government had declared to reactivate. Community Clinics (CC) are the grass-root level rural healthcare institutions of the government of Bangladesh. These clinics had been quite successful in the late 1990ies, but were closed down once a rival government took power in 2001. The possibility for their reopening including the required structure for operation and management has been assessed through a base line survey of 30 CC to capture the present situation in Godagari Upazila.

Strategies to institutionalise and to strengthen the community clinics are in the initial phase to be developed. A local consultant from the Ministry of Health has worked out the first draft of an operational framework with the aim to improve health care for poor and disadvantaged people, above all women. However, with outreach and community work the present scenarios of the community clinics in respect of infrastructure, manpower, stock position of drugs, furniture and most importantly, operation and management systems need to be linked to the health policy of the Government of Bangladesh in the years to come. A limited intervention on a pilot basis was started in one clinic in the municipality of Kakonhat. The project will work in 2010 to develop the approach on how to strengthen the existing governmental system.

DASCOH is embarking upon an important phase of its existence which will hopefully build upon its achievements so far and be conducted in the same spirit of being focused upon peoples’ combined strengths and collective self-help efforts. In short, DASCOH would maintain the focus of making the people the prime movers for their own development. In doing so, DASCOH shall continue to seek cooperation from new and old friends and partners. DASCOH hopes that its projects continue to remain as inspiring learning lessons for a future generation who intend to make a difference in the lives of people around them through engaging and involving the people and communities in a process of self-development.

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