Development Association for Self-reliance, Communication and Health (DASCOH) is a non-government and non-profitable organization. Utilizing local knowledge of the people at grass root and also available resources at local level. DASCOH has put forward an alternative participatory development process. It has developed a trend workforce who has professional learning as well as the capacity of being flexible in decision making. DASCOH is using coaching method to develop human capital and thus helping to develop the capacity of local government institutions, which is reflected in the project planning and management with local government, private sector, donors and the community. Currently, it operates two projects, the Sustainable Solution for the delevary of Safe Drinking Water (SDSD) and the Public Health Project Rajshahi (PHPR).

With financial support from the Swiss Red Cross (SRC), and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), DASCOH has been operating projects in the water and sanitation sector (WatSan), largely in response to the arsenic water contamination crisis. The WatSan sector has served as an entry point to an increasing engagement to strengthening the govarnance capacity, of the lowest local government institution (the Union Councils).