Networking  National Networking

DASCOH has undertaken a task of developing a partnership network with HLP, LGC-WASH and HYSAWA in WATSAN and Local government issues, particularly those who are working in grassroots level. Through this network, DASCOH hopes to contribute to the development of local government, health and hygiene situation.


DASCOH signed a MoU on 16th June 2008 with the HYSAWA fund company for the 426 UPs of the project this one of the three components related to the water supply and sanitation component of the DANIDA supported Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Programme Support (WSSPS) Phase-ll. The overall objectives of the project is to develop and demonstrate sustainable hygiene, sanitation and water supply service delivery through local governments and in consultation with NGO’s like DASCOH and local people.

Horizontal Learning Network:–

DASCOH is a member of the Horizontal Learning Program (HLP) which started by the representatives of the Local Government Institute (LGIs) in Bangladesh in November 2007 to identify, validate and replicate their best practices in water supply and sanitation through appreciative inquiry. HLP is a peer to peer learning process. The initiative is being facilitated by the Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooparatives (LGRD&C) and supported by the Water and Sanitation Program-South Asia (WSP-SA) of the World Bank, in partnership with DASCOH, JICA, WaterAid Bangladesh and many other organizations. Representatives of the four UPs from the first phase of PHPR project learned about these best practices and replicated them according to their ability and suitability to their context. The most popular practices replicated by UPs are 100% arsenic screening, 100% sanitation coverage, linking open budget to increased holding tax collection.

WASH Cluster Network:

DASCOH is member of WASH cluster, leads by UNICEF at the country level is to facilitate a process aimed at ensuring well-coordinated and effective humanitarian responses in the sector or area of activity concerned.