Publication and Training  Utilization of DASCOH Premises as Training Centre

DASCOH operates a training centre at Rajshahi. The centre has training venue facilities, accommodation, catering services, logistics, small library and big premises for arranging workshop, seminar, conference, meeting etc.

Vanue Facilities

Training Room - 1

Seating arrangement of this classroom is above 50. Per day rent with AC facilities is Tk.3,000 and without AC Tk.2,000.

Training Room - 2

Seating arrangement of this classroom is above 30. Per day rent with AC facilities is Tk.3,000 and without AC Tk.2,000. Both training rooms are furnished with aid materials (VIPP board, white board, display board etc.)

Accomodation Facilities

VIP Rooms

DASCOH Training Centre has two VIP rooms with two single bed. Both rooms have AC facilities and en-suite bath.

VIP Room Rent

 Double occupancy Tk.1,200 per night

 Single occupancy Tk. 1,000 per night

Room Facilities

High commode toilet, shower, mosquito net, geezer and room service.


DASCOH Training Centre can accommodate 38 persons in 10 dormitories.

Room Rent

 Normal Room with AC triple occupancy Tk. 1,200 per night

 Normal Room with AC double occupancy Tk.850 per night

 Normal Room with AC single occupancy Tk. 500 per night

Room Facilities

Mosaic toilet, bath shower, mosquito net and room service.

Dining Room

Dinning unit can arrange and supply all kinds of food and snacks for meeting, training, workshop and seminars. Seating capacity of the dining room is 40 person at a time

Audio-visual equipment service

Audio-visual equipment includes multimedia, overhead projector, television, DVD player and sound system. A generator ensures minimal interruptions to the power supply.

Audio -visual equipment rent

 Multi media : @ Tk 2,000 per day

 Sound System : @Tk 700 per day

 Photocopy: @Tk. 2 per copy

 Other Facility: WiFi Internet connection and 24 hours Generator service available for training room and accommodations.

Big premises for arranging conference/ seminar/ workshop

 DASCOH Training Centre has open space where a big gathering can be organized above 150 persons.

 DASCOH Training Centre will provide all kinds of support to organize such type of big events

  The Center has separate space for group work at the time of training, seminar, workshop etc.

 The Center has a play ground.

Field demonstration

DASCOH Training Centre has sufficient open space to organize any kind of demonstration, fair etc. Interested parties can arrange events with some terms and conditions.

Note :

1.10% service charge will be applicable in all above cases.

2.All cost are excluded VAT and Income Taxes.