Vision and Objectives  Guiding Principles and Values

The following principles and values will guide the work of DASCOH and will therefore be embedded in everything we do. They also form the foundation for professional and ethical conduct for DASCOH Board and staff.


DASCOH promotes and delivers service for people, irrespective of ability, age, religion, ethnicity, creed, colour, caste or gender.


All people have a right to dignity, respect, and fair treatment, to be heard and to take part in the decisions that influence and shape their world. DASCOH’s community approaches encourage voluntary participation.


DASCOH seeks equity in access to development outcomes through policies and practice that target those people most likely to be excluded.


Poverty excludes people from full participation in society. DASCOH ensures social inclusion by working with people living in absolute poverty in ways, which place them at the centre of development interventions.

Do Not Harm

DASCOH believes in and preaches “do-no-harm” in program design and as such it integrates conflict sensitive approaches to program implementation.

Garden Party

DASCOH recognises that roles in society may be unfairly divided along gender lines that cause gender disparity in development outcomes and so nurtures gender awareness in program design, management and operation.


Good governance is an interaction between state and non-state actors that improves accountability and transparency and is a prerequisite for equity. DASCOH actively seeks improvements in governance.


DASCOH does not impose views on the community but enhances their capabilities with information, knowledge and skills.