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WaterAid Bangladesh (WAB) with support from Department for International Development (DFID) expanded their rural and urban programme to achieve sustainable improvements in hygiene behaviour and a reduction in exposure to water and environment sanitation risks for poor rural and urban communities.

Advancing sustainable environmental health (ASEH) wished to establish that participatory approaches were effective and could be scaled up ; refined and developed new initiatives and linked them to local government service delivery at the union and Upazila levels; established national capacity for wider support and dissemination and advocate for their emulation in major national programmes.

The DASCOH component of ASEH intended two outcomes; capacity building of partner staff and the establishment of a national resource centre for programme –to-programme support.

DASCOH’s involvement was to :

Assist WAB to combine the strengths of WaterAid’s approach and partner organization experience with the strengths of DASCOH’s approach to participatory development.

Assist in training courses.

Assist in developing new training materials and adapt old ones.

DASCOH and WaterAid signed a partnership agreement in July 2004 that DASCOH terminated amicably in 2006. DASCOH and WaterAid continued cooperation as equal stakeholders in the Watsan sector.

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