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PHPR project and its achievements

The “Public Health Project Rajshahi; (PHPR)” implemented by DASCOH has the extended its project area in the second project phase. The project aims at improving the capacity of UPs to deliver and manage water and sanitation services in interaction with the community. They support the installation of water points and use the safe water supply as an entry point to improve local governance and benefit directly to the community people, especially the poor who gain access to safe drinking water and sanitation. The projects build on the supply side the capacity of the local government to deal effectively on water and sanitation issues and empowering the demand side to interact with UPs through Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

At the end of 2009 in the PHPR formed 843 CBOs, installed 413 toilets and DASCOH has monitored and checked the quality of 356 water points which have been installed by HYSAWA. 2750 Children Hygiene Working Books and 300 training manuals have been distributed to primary schools. A drama group has had different performance session in the community to sensitize the community members on Mother and Child Health (MCH), arsenic problematic and on hygiene issues.

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