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Human Rights

Kolpona Tudu is very happy to get food support 

Text Box:  Kolpona Tudu poses into a flash of smile

Kolpona Tidu, Father’s name: Sunil Tudu age 40 divorced 5 years ago and living with 2 children (1 son, 1 daughter) at father’s house village: Sorola, Badhail Union, Tanor, Rajshahj involved as day labor in agriculture field of land owner as well as household servant. She completed grade five. Her son is 9 years old and reads in class three. On the other hand her daughter is 7 years and reads in class one. Neither she nor her father has land. She also separated from her father. She works as day labor like; hand to mouth. Kolpona Tudu is the president of Jui Nagoreek Somaj Songothon. As a president of Nagoreek Somaj Songothon, she is playing a vital role in her community especially indigenous community. She organizes the members of the Songothon for monthly meeting and leads the group towards reducing violence. She declared that she along with her group members will make violence free indigenous community. She tries to understand the awareness issues and disseminates to others. She raises voice against child marriage and domestic violence. Due to Covid-19 outbreak, everything has gone lock down. Community people along with she was restricted to move outside and work in others house. The house owner did not permit to access the outsider to work in their house. As a result, the earning source of Kolpona Tudu is collapsed and downfallen. So she faced temporary food crisis and in this moment, she did not manage food support and daily essentials for her family members. She received only 10 kg rice as relief package from Union Parishad that was not enough to continue food support more than 7 days. Moreover she was in the process of 2500/=BDT receiving from LGI but finally failed to enlist in Government service available. So she was living with hunger and waiting for relief support. It was very terrific and inhuman. Whatever she got the message from DASCOH about the relief response from the PROSPECT Project was great news to her as like golden dream in pandemic situation to end hunger crisis for few days.

On 16 July 2020 Kolpona Tudu received food package and essential drugs from DASCOH Foundation a part of emergency relief support of BMZ and NETZ Bangladesh. After receiving the package she expressed her opinion “the food is blessed for her family to alive in pandemic situation”. She added more that the food support will inspire her to work in favor of vulnerable people those who are at risk situation of human rights. The family members of her were very happy to see the essential food package and drug to protect from COVID-19. The food is enough for the family to pass the next 15 days. Kolpona Tudu and her family members are very grateful to DASCOH Foundation and the donors.