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Smile of Buli Begum: An example of positive change

Buli Begum is a young lady from pirera village of Raninagar, Naogoa. Being a childless couple she was continuously traditional facing social pressure and also poverty was companion in her family as his husband was carrying a very small business of his own which was very insufficient to bare the family expenses. They were completely depend on the uncertain daily earning and as a result each day eas very challenging to manage food and other necessity. One day DASCOH Foundation reached the lady with REAP project initiative and provide her 9000BDT to buy 3 sheep which she could take care and bring up to earn some money.  She was excited and taking care of her belongings and just after one month the number increase from two to six and she started a bigger dream. But all of a sudden Covid 19 pandemic hits the world and it ceases all her husband’s daily earning. They became frustrated in fear of loss of earning and its consequence on their lives. And at that amid crisis support from DASCOH Foundation again came with handsome amount of food, medicine and infection prevention materials. She mentioned it as priceless support she ever received from anyone. She continues to take care of her assets and its increases to 14 in number within a short time. Due to a little improvement of covid situation his husband also started the business again. But this period of time increases her asset to almost 75000BDT part of which she used to buy a cow for his husband. Now a days covid 19 situation has again deteriorated but this time she is quite confident that she can overcome the situation whether his husbands earning halt or not as because they have enough asset in home which are increasing day by day. Now a days she become an idle of positive changes in the village.