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Over the years DASCOH has become more self confident and is a recognized partner who has a wide range of experience in providing technical support and consultancy to the local NGOs/actors and the local government for rural development. Furthermore DASCOH has gained lot of experience related to community development and good governance at Paurashava and Union Parishad (UP) level. DASCOH is in the process to become a national NGO registered under the NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh.

DASCOH as a member of the “Horizontal Learning Programme” initiated by local governments institutions could disseminate the learning approach from the best practices like open budget meeting and open tendering to other UPs in the country.

DASCOH and Inter cooperation will sign MoU to develop and improve formal coordination mechanisms in overlapping Unions. Both NGO`s want to coordinate and cooperate in community mobilization, UP- and staff capacity building which will explore further synergies in 2011.

DASCOH has signed agreement (MoU) with 26 UPs, 2 Pourashova for implementing development program avoiding duplication. In collaboration with HYSAWA, DASCOH ensures the integrated water supply and management, sanitation to improve the personal and environmental hygiene in the rural areas.